Winter 2014: Inherit ($9)

There is so much goodness in this issue. So much thoughtfulness about this work of parenting we do and about the world our children will inherit.  Collected here you will find passions that connect across generations, through Alabama football for Terry Barr, through hopes that our children might get it better than us for Michael Laser, by noticing similarities across generations for Leah Leach, and through tangible items as well, such as recipes for Marisa McClellan and books for Janet Reynolds and seeds for Katie Spring. Alana Chernila writes about the passing of love through written words, when the direct link between generations has been broken. And Helen Peppe reminds us that sometimes it is better to learn these things together. And people from very different walks of life, who follow very different courses, they all have commonalities. Ron Lieber and Ben Hewitt, ostensibly approaching the question of higher education from different angles, both beautifully and eloquently articulate the importance of teaching our children about wants versus needs. Jack Algiere reminds us, entreats us, to embrace what is new while reconnecting with our collective inheritance of the earth, he is putting words to the challenge of our times, to reconnect and live in harmony with everything else that lives here with us. The cover art for this issue was contributed by Anne Anderson.

Finally! A place for us parents, to find encouragement, inspiration, and, perhaps occasionally, commiseration (parenting is HARD!).
author of Handmade Gatherings

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