Autumn 2013: Care ($9)

I walk through the meadow, gaze out at the ocean, listen to the owl, soak in briny waters. Create a place of calm, drink tea, read books. Concoct lotions, balms, and elixirs. Move my body with my breath. Rub clay onto my skin. Feel the yarn wrap around my finger and slip through my hands as the needles move and my mind stills. I breathe. I plan dates for us, find moments, give grace. I look for the best. I brainstorm, massage knees, and walk through it all with him. I make coffee with caffeine. I see, I listen, and I play. Crack the egg yolks and tuck the covers in just so. I soothe bumps and heartaches. I pack good snacks. We hike, camp, play baseball, swim in rivers, jump in mud pits, and roast marshmallows. We have feasts, picnics, and walks to the beach. We celebrate the moon. We say sorry, we hug, and we laugh. I do it to care for myself, my husband, and my son. We do it to care for each other. Care has become an important part of our family life. When Finn was born my husband and I had no idea how to care for ourselves or each other well. There is so much that this Little Life has taught us, is teaching us, and one of the first lessons was that we needed to take care of ourselves if we were going to do this well. And we have learned and still are learning.

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