Current IssueWinter 2014: Inherit

There is so much goodness in this issue. So much thoughtfulness about this work of parenting we do and about the world our children will inherit.  Collected here you will find passions that connect across generations, through Alabama football for Terry Barr, through hopes that our children might get it better than us for Michael Laser, by noticing similarities across generations for Leah Leach, and through tangible items as well, such as recipes for Marisa McClellan and books for Janet Reynolds and seeds for Katie Spring. Alana Chernila writes about the passing of love through written words, when the direct link between generations has been broken. And Helen Peppe reminds us that sometimes it is better to learn these things together.

And people from very different walks of life, who follow very different courses, they all have commonalities. Ron Lieber and Ben Hewitt, ostensibly approaching the question of higher education from different angles, both beautifully and eloquently articulate the importance of teaching our children about wants versus needs. Jack Algiere reminds us, entreats us, to embrace what is new while reconnecting with our collective inheritance of the earth, he is putting words to the challenge of our times, to reconnect and live in harmony with everything else that lives here with us. The cover art for this issue was contributed by Anne Anderson.

Previous Issues

Autumn 2014: Make

We all make things. Sometimes we make a mess, a friend for life, or any of the many decisions we face–making is a part of our every day. This issue contains essays, tutorials, a meditation, a video and an interview that explore what it means to make for each of the contributors. We hope you enjoy the Make issue of Grounded Magazine.

Summer 2014: Together

Together: the uniting of two or more entities. There is connection—within families, between friends, between generations and the passing of time, in the exchange of ideas. We hope you enjoy this issue of Grounded—a place for us to come together.

Spring 2014: Grow

In this issue we explore the many ways in which we grow: cultivating food, raising children, and the development of the human soul.

Winter 2013: Home

Home is manifested in so many different ways. Each individual has their own memories, dreams, hurts and joys associated with Home.

Autumn 2013: Care

I walk through the meadow, gaze out at the ocean, listen to the owl, soak in briny waters.

Create a place of calm, drink tea, read books.

Concoct lotions, balms, and elixirs.

Move my body with my breath.

Rub clay onto my skin.

Feel the yarn wrap around my finger and slip through my hands as the needles move and my mind stills.

I breathe.

I plan dates for us, find moments, give grace. I look for the best. I brainstorm, massage knees, and walk through it all with him. I make coffee with caffeine.

I see, I listen, and I play. Crack the egg yolks and tuck the covers in just so. I soothe bumps and heartaches. I pack good snacks.

We hike, camp, play baseball, swim in rivers, jump in mud pits, and roast marshmallows. We have feasts, picnics, and walks to the beach. We celebrate the moon. We say sorry, we hug, and we laugh.

I do it to care for myself, my husband, and my son. We do it to care for each other.

Care has become an important part of our family life. When Finn was born my husband and I had no idea how to care for ourselves or each other well. There is so much that this Little Life has taught us, is teaching us, and one of the first lessons was that we needed to take care of ourselves if we were going to do this well. And we have learned and still are learning.