Do you offer a print version of Grounded Magazine?

This is something we have given a lot of consideration to and the short answer is ‘No’.

We’ve had many conversations about creating a print version of Grounded Magazine. Here’s the long answer. There is an allure to print that we are not immune to. ¬†There are so many reasons to put it in print: it’s a beautiful magazine that would translate well to paper and ink. Creating using natural materials is a strong value of ours. The feel of paper in hand and sound of pages turning is grounding, there is romance in paper and ink. While the appeal is strong, when we take into account¬†the facts of print there are two major factors that arise:

  1. It takes many trees and a lot of chemicals to create a beautiful high quality printed magazine. Even if we were to use the most sustainable printing practices we can’t get around the fact that a lot of resources are used in the process.
  2. The cost of printing in the United States is expensive. In order to keep the magazine reasonably priced it would need to be printed in China which would use even more resources.

So, while we definitely understand the appeal of a printed magazine, we’ve decided, that at least for now, we will navigate this new and hopefully more sustainable world of online magazine publication.

Can I give Grounded as a gift?

Of course! We’re working on setting up a great system for giving gifts, but it’s not quite ready yet. What you can do if you’re logged into your account is click the Logout link in the top navigation and go through the signup process, but enter their information. It will work just like it did when you signed up.

We know this isn’t the best solution, and we’re working on putting together a better one. Thanks for your patience.

What do I do if I have trouble logging into my account?

Contact us, and we can sort it out with you.

Can I contribute to Grounded?

We would love that. Email us and let us know what you’d like to contribute. We publish themed issues quarterly and we also have Ad Hoc articles on a variety of topics that we publish throughout the year.