Over eighteen months ago we hatched the idea of Grounded Magazine. Since then we’ve moved into a new house, in a new city, welcomed a sweet baby boy into our family and learned a lot about all of those things as well as the world of online publishing. Each have presented their fair share of joys and challenges.

Mad Hippie Giveaway Winners

First a big thank you to Sam and Dana over at Mad Hippie for providing such great prize packages. We’re glad to be able to share their products with our 2 winners and for those of you who didn’t win, Mad Hippie has some deals going on right now so you can try out some […]

Interview: Rebecca Stetson Werner

Our interviewee this week has contributed essays for 3 Grounded issues. We’ve really grown to love the soul and truth in Rebecca’s writing. When time came for us to hand the editorial reigns to someone for the forthcoming Winter 2014 issue, we knew Rebecca was the perfect person for the job. We’re excited to share […]

Giveaway: Mad Hippie Natural Skin Care

We’re really excited to announce that for this giveaway we have partnered with Sam and Dana Stewart from Mad Hippie, creators of natural skin care products with a focus on making a light touch on the planet. Mad Hippie is generously providing products for two winners! One winner will receive a package including their best-selling […]

Interview: Sam Stewart

I recently met Sam Stewart at a meet up in Portland Ore. Sam and his wife Dana run Mad Hippie, a natural skin care company. It was a pleasure meeting Sam and hearing a little bit of his story. We’re glad to have an interview with Sam here on the site, and will be announcing the details of a Mad Hippie product giveaway later this week. 

Interview: Kelly Sunrose Connor

Kelly Sunrose Connor is a regular contributor to Grounded Magazine and brings peace and tranquility with her insightful meditations. Kelly’s uses art, yoga and meditation to remind people of their own brilliant gentleness. We’re thankful to have Kelly as a part of the Grounded community.

Interview: Anna Hewitt

Today we hear from Anna Hewitt, of Portland Maine. Anna is the writer, cook, baker, sewist, gardener, creator and photographer behind The Road to the Farm and Seedling Design.

Annie Demko - Interview - Grounded Magazine

Interview: Annie Demko

Author of the ‘Raising Revolutionaries’ essay in the Autumn Make issue, Annie Demko has taken the time to tell a little of her story. She tells us that “from the start, this journey has been marked by the reworking of my expectations.”

Interview: Megan Devine

This week Megan Devine invites us into her life to talk about her family and her journey as a parent. We were honored to have Megan contribute a fantastic scone recipe to our Together issue. You can follow Megan on Twitter, Pinterest and on her blog Kids and Eggs. Where do you live and how […]

Interview: Heath W. Black

This week we’re happy to have an interview with Heath W. Black. I met Heath very much by chance. Somehow I started following him when we moved to Portland last fall. I happened to see a tweet mentioning he was looking for guys to play basketball with. I got in touch and that’s how we […]