Three Poems


Birthday Cake

Today I make myself a cake, the double double chocolate kind.
I’ll share the cake, the chocolate cake, but mostly it is mine.
I’ve thought of foods I’d like to eat, and bought them one by one.
I honor births of many souls with food to share around.
I set the table, put out flowers, scrub the kitchen sink.
My birthday comes but once a year, I’ll toast it with a cake.



A Day is Made

In the dark
the birds begin
their song

how do they know?

a thin pink line
on the horizon
says the day
will bring rain

and as the day begins
I open my eyes

“Let there be lights
in the vault of heaven”

the rustling birch leaves
sound like rain

and then the real rain comes

a morning begins
a day is made




How to love a son

The doctors didn’t know
How big he’d be

Neither did I

He entered this world
Just under 11 pounds
But that’s not what I mean

He cares
He loves
Without thinking

Even as a young child
He wanted to make a difference

He cuts his way
Through the jungle now

Looking for a clearing

Hoping to find the landing strip
To guide the plane
That comes over the top
Of the trees
Swoops down
And picks him up
To take him where
He’s meant to go