Introducing Grounded


We started talking about this magazine last Winter.  There is a need for inspiration and we have found that there is a lot to be inspired by.  The act of parenting is a passion for us and we do it best when filled with beauty, inspiration, creativity, and care.  We give to our son from deep inside ourselves.  We are always passing along something, passing along parts of ourselves that will shape him.  So, we do our best to hold and experience those things we want for him and we hope this space helps us do this.

We are publishing Grounded as a collection of pieces that inspire and encourage us, pieces that are interesting, helpful, and thoughtfully crafted.  Our vision for Grounded is that a diverse community of people will come together to surround and give to parents so that they in turn can give well to their children.  We want this to be a place where we can look at beautiful things, hear and share stories, and gather ideas.  We hope you find encouragement as passionate, creative, loving people gather.

We are happy to bring you CARE, the first issue of Grounded Magazine.