From the Editor


My son recently said to me, “Mama, you should make something everyday.” I told him I did and he replied, “No, Mama. Make something for our whole family everyday.” My response was that I do. It turns out that what he was getting at was that I should make sweet treats for our family everyday, but upon hearing his original two statements my mind responded with a flurry of images and thoughts of all the ways that I create everyday. It is what I spend most of my day doing, it is my passion, and it is very much a large part of how I see and understand the world. I am a maker.

While there are many tangible things that I make, like pumpkin bread, I do all these for the purpose of what is less tangible and more meaningful to me. I am daily making a home.

Recently, our family has welcomed a new little life into it. There are so many questions on my mind and in my heart, but mostly I am grateful and ever in wonder at the creation of new life. I am not able to imagine a world that ever existed without this little one, just as happened with my son, Finn.

As we are enjoying the newest member of our family and adjusting to the many transitions and changes that await us, I hope that you are nurtured by the thoughtful contributions in this issue of Grounded. There is another lovely meditation by Kelly Connor-Sunrose, an interview with artist, Zack Bent, where he tells us about his road to becoming an artist and how his family influences his art.

I first read Rebecca Stetson-Werner’s essay, Rummaging in Their Minds, at a point in my parenting when I needed her humorous and insightful perspective on saying ‘Yes!’ to crazy ideas. There is a fantastic short stop motion video by Jared Stoneberg Jr. In a beautiful essay Michelle Garrels shares about her family’s need for a day of rest together and some photographs documenting how that has evolved for them.

Jenna Lechner not only provides a great beginning watercolor tutorial, she also put together the hand-lettering for the cover.

We hope you enjoy the Make issue of Grounded Magazine.