Over eighteen months ago we hatched the idea of Grounded Magazine. Since then we’ve moved into a new house, in a new city, welcomed a sweet baby boy into our family and learned a lot about all of those things as well as the world of online publishing. Each have presented their fair share of joys and challenges.

From the beginning Grounded has been published on the changing of the season. Four fenceposts throughout the year that we use to mark the passage of time. Each year the seasons are the same, but each year they bring something new and unique. So it has been for this magazine. We’ve published 6 issues over the last year and half. Every issue is different. Has a different vibe. Pulse. Life of it’s own.

As we began to jump back into the editorial details for putting together the Spring issue, we found that we couldn’t find that pulse. Within our selves as well as with the magazine. We tried to conjure up the excitement and the passion that we had tapped into for the previous issues. It wasn’t there.

We waited, seeing if maybe it would look different this time. Everything else did as we transitioned from a family of 3 to a family of 4, so why would this be different? Each in our own ways, we tried on what Grounded meant to us. Why we were doing it. Soul-searching on behalf of this creation. Let me be clear, this was not strictly an esoteric exercise. There are financial and relational realities that we all face and have been a factor for us over Grounded’s lifetime.

Mollie knew it first. We couldn’t be the people (and parents) that we wanted to be, and maintain Grounded at the level that we require. I have to say, she was extremely gracious in letting me see and understand it in my own way, for my own reasons. I don’t like to quit and I really don’t like to lose. And to me, anything but soldiering on with Grounded felt like a failure. I am learning that I have a finite amount of energy and time. What I choose to spend my time doing really matters. It matters to me, and it matters to my family. Trying to build, grow and nurture a community to support and care for parents instead of supporting myself and my partner as parents started to make less and less sense. I’m still hoping, somewhere in the back of my head, that there is a way that we can make this work. There isn’t.

The beautiful part is, it’s not a failure.

As I write this, Winter is giving way to Spring. Here in Portland, it’s happening in a major way. Spring flowers are popping up all over the place. Similarly, the past format of Grounded Magazine is giving way to something different. Frankly, we don’t really know what that will look like. We still think it’s super important to support and encourage parents. We have some submissions that came through for the Spring issue. We’re going to publish those as standalone articles. For now, that’s the tack we’re going with. If you have any thoughts or ideas on some other direction, we’re definitely willing to talk about it.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be refunding the unused portions of 4-Packs. If by the end of the month you haven’t seen a credit on your bank statement, and think you should, let us know.